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4 Kinds Of V Band Pipe Clamp

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V-band clamps feature high strength and positive sealing integrity for applications including: heavy duty diesel engine exhaust and turbochargers, filter housings, emissions and general industrial applications.

V-Band style clamps – also commonly known as V-Clamps – are used frequently in both the heavy-duty and performance vehicle market due to their tight sealing capabilities. The V-Band clamp is a heavy-duty clamping method for flanged pipes of all kinds. Exhaust V-Clamps and V-Band couplings are the most common and are known throughout the industry for their strength and durability. V-Band clamps are also found in many industrial applications as they are extremely resistant to corrosion in harsh environments.

V-band clamps can be used to hold almost any flanged joints together. From light duty to the most demanding purpose, these clamps are produced in a wide range of materials for any application that requires a leak-free, easy to use restraint device.


1、Reduces assembly cost, saves time and ease of accessibility

2、Ideal for applications requiring frequent access for cleaning, inspection or replacement of internal components

3、Smaller envelop dimensions, weight savings and improved appearance

4、Provides additional strength by absorbing circumferential load


V-band clamps have proven themselves in racing applications from the Indianapolis 500 to Bonneville land speed cars becoming the preferred connection for many turbo-housings. They are an excellent choice for any exhaust or intake system.

While they come in many different configurations and styles, their primary job is to join tubing, piping and other enclosures. A cross-view of the flange joint shows how the portion of the coupling that wedges the flanges together in a leakproof seal. The strength of the coupling is determined partly by the retainer thickness, the shape of the flange and the material.


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