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【Exhibition Noticed】IRAN IAPEX 2023 18th Auto Parts International Exhibition!

Iran Tehran Auto Parts Exhibition (IAPEX) is the largest and most influential auto parts exhibition in Iran; It is the fastest growing and most influential professional auto parts exhibition in Iran. Founded in 2005, it is organized by the Iranian Auto Parts Manufacturers Association (IAPMA). IAPEX

2023 08-10
Bellows commonly used material introduction

We using a wide range of materials for our bellow products, like metal bellow, metal hose ,expansion joint,exhaust flexible pipes,ect. Those products using for different application. The selection and use of various metals on those different application .its physical properties and the other propert

2023 09-18
乐鼎波纹管产品图 (107).jpg
The market prospect of metal hose in the air compressor industry

With the continuous progress of industrialization, the use of air fluid equipment more and more, including air compressors, including many mechanical equipment has gradually become the necessary equipment for all walks of life. And metal hose as an important connecting element, in the air compressor

2023 08-28
What is the function of spark arrester?

Spark arrester are any devices that prevent the release of flammable debris from combustion sources such as internal combustion engines, fireplaces and wood-burning stoves. How it works: In the exhaust system, when the sparks in the exhaust gas enters a small tube of the middle tube from the front

2023 08-08
How do beginners find the brake pad material that suits them?

Choosing a suitable brake pad material is an important factor to ensure driving safety. Different vehicles and driving styles require different brake pad materials.So how should we find the brake pad material that suits us? 1) Understand the types and characteristics of brake pad materials.At presen

2023 07-12
单独波纹管 (6).jpg
What is Expansion Bellows?

The bellows are tube with corrugations. There are different sizes and different materials. The small one can be use in Meters, while the big once can be used in engines of equipment like earth moving equipment, submarine, mining machine etc. We have a special article on the knowledge of bellows. Tod

2023 07-03
How to view the impact of the rise of new energy vehicles on the auto parts industry?

The rise of new energy vehicles has many impacts on the auto parts industry. First of all, the power system, transmission system, and body structure used by new energy vehicles are very different from traditional fuel vehicles. Therefore, the auto parts industry needs to follow the development of ne

2023 07-03
Introduction to the types and applications of metal hoses

Metal hoses, also known as flexible metal hoses, are used in a variety of industrial applications for their ability to handle high pressure, high temperature, and corrosive environments. Metal hoses are constructed of a flexible metal tube that is surrounded by a braided or interlocked metal cover.

2023 06-21
排气管 (1).png

ZHEJIANG YUEDING CORRUGATED TUBE CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer of Exhaust flexible pipe with more than 30 years of experience. So far, YUEDING has become the NO.1 enterprise in the exhaust pipe aftermarket in China. We exported to more than 100 countries including United State, Europe and M

2023 06-12
How to choose the suitable clamp?

Hose Clamps come in a wide range of diameters and a variety of styles, designed to be used in conjunction with different types of pipe connections. So it is essential to choose the correct one. Generally, selecting the correct hose clamp depends on considerations such as the hose outside diameter

2023 06-08

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