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Application Scenario And Function of Hydraulic Pipeline

Hydraulic pipes, are conduits used to transmit pressurized hydraulic fluid within a hydraulic system. These pipes play a crucial role in hydraulic machinery and equipment by providing a means of transmitting power, controlling functions, and operating hydraulic actuators such as cylinders and motors.

2024 04-16
Expansion joint bellows used in mining sites.jpg
Expansion Joint Bellows Used in Mining Sites

These joints are designed to allow for movement, expansion, contraction, and vibration isolation within pipelines, ducts, and other structures, which is essential in environments where temperature changes, ground shifts, and equipment vibrations are frequent occurrences. The use of expansion joints helps to prevent damage to equipment and infrastructure, ensuring safe and efficient operations in mining sites.

2024 04-11
Interlock Exhaust Tubing in Trucks: How It Works And Prevents Leaks

The interlock alone may not fully seal the exhaust system. However, the interlock mechanism primarily serves to securely join the tubing sections together, providing structural integrity and resistance to separation due to vibration, movement, or thermal expansion.


2024 04-08
About Edge-Welded Metal Bellows

Edge-welded bellows is a new type of component that has arisen both domestic and abroad in recent years. It can be used as sensitive element, sealing element, isolation medium, pipe connection and temperature compensator. In addition to pressure resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good sealing and other advantages, there are two outstanding advantages compared with the traditional formed bellows: large deformation and long life.

2024 04-01
Principle and Application of Hydraulic Formed Metal Bellows

Hydraulic bellows are pipe components that use the elastic deformation characteristics of metal bellows to achieve liquid transmission and sealing technologies. In the pipeline system, the pipeline element can be bent and telescoped for the transmission of various liquid media and gases, and its elastic deformation characteristics can compensate for various displacements and deformation in the system.

2024 03-28
Installation Method of Metal Bellow

During the installation process, it is also necessary to take into account the impact of natural disaster factors such as earthquakes on the operation of the pipeline, and take anti-seismic measures to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline.After the installation is completed, it is necessary to carry out acceptance work to check whether the layout, connection, support and shock-proof measures of the pipeline meet the requirements, and carry out pressure testing to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline.

2024 03-26
About Oil Filter, Why Choose Cured Paper As The Filter Material?

Using cured paper as a filter material has many advantages, including high-efficiency filtration, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and environmental protection. Therefore, solidified paper is a very good choice when choosing filter materials.

2024 03-08
Functions and types of oil filters

The oil filter is one of the important parts of the vehicle engine. Its main function is to filter impurities in the oil, keep the oil clean, reduce wear particles in the oil, and prolong the service life of the engine.

2024 03-06

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