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All types of flexible pipes

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Four structure descriptions:


Our automobile exhaust flexible pipe are High pressure produced with water as medium ,make corrugated pipe with less aggregation of Stress in structure.

Increasing the height of the waves to increase the flexibility of the bellows , make it be better in absorbing  a variety of vibration, Compensation installation displacement and Expansion and Contraction, extending the life of the exhaust muffler system.

As the normal working condition of bellows are under high temperature and complex environment , therefore we use stainless steel SUS304 as the main material of flexible pipe , it can bear high temperature and salt corrosion , make the product life longer.


We configurate inside the corrugated pipe with inner braid , make air flow through flexible pipe  more smoothly , and reduce the exhaust noise , improve the noise elimination function of exhaust system.


Our configuration inside the bellows with interlock hose, it not only can reduce the flow resistance,the exhaust noise and vibration , but also can be resistant to higher temperature  , increase the strength of flexible pipe , make the product life is longer.


In order to solve the welding difficult problems while our customer welding our flex pipe to exhaust system, we welded on the two ends of the flexible tube with extension steel pipes  ,make its better weldability , suitable for modified models.

( Diameter of 25mm and 32mm )These two sizes flexible pipe is suitable for the mini car and Bicycle city exhaust systems  , using both clamp connection
and conventional welding connection.

Thin braid and mesh braid coverage in both products lower than conventional braid greatly improve the flexibility , and reduces the friction  between the net and corrugated pipe , wear resistance of the net will be also  improved , provide the vehicle with comfortable ride quality.


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