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Application Areas of Metal Hoses

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1. Petrochemical industry

The petrochemical field is one of the main application areas of metal hose. In the production of petrochemical processes, metal hoses are usually used as pipelines for conveying high temperature, high pressure and corrosive media, such as conveying high temperature steam, nitrogen and hydrogen. Metal hoses can also be used as storage tank inlet and outlet, refueling equipment and firefighting equipment connection pipe.


2. Food and medicine

Metal hoses are also widely used in the field of food and medicine. Because the metal hose has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, cleanliness and hygiene, it is widely used in food processing and drug production process to transport various media, such as conveying food, juice, wine, powder and so on. At the same time, metal hoses are also widely used in the connection of production units and medical equipment.


3. Aerospace

Metal hoses also have important applications in the aerospace field, such as for aircraft oil systems, fuel delivery systems, and so on. Because the metal hose has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, flame retardant and so on, it is suitable for high altitude and high speed environment, and can effectively ensure safety and reliability.


In short, the application areas of metal hoses are very wide, not limited to the above three areas. In a variety of applications, the advantages of metal hoses are high reliability, repeatability and durability, long service life, and can withstand the test of most extreme environments.

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