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Automobile Exhaust Flexible Pipe

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Automakers are now working to improve the performance of car engines. In order to meet the new exhaust emission standards and reduce the pollution of exhaust to the environment. This requires the exhaust system to work properly under high temperature, extreme corrosive conditions.

The main functions of the automobile exhaust hose are: to achieve a sealed and flexible connection between the engine and the exhaust system; to absorb the rocking displacement of the engine; to limit the engine's transmission of high-frequency vibration to the subsequent exhaust system.

When designing and manufacturing the exhaust hose, it is necessary to consider the position of the ternary converter, filter and muffler at the same time to ensure the continuous and good operation of the exhaust system.

Therefore, the exhaust hose must have corrosion resistance and good pressure resistance, which can effectively compensate for the displacement generated when the engine is working, eliminate the high-frequency vibration of the engine and the low-frequency vibration caused by uneven road surfaces, and transport the exhaust gas to 1000 ° C. Airflow noise.

A good exhaust hose can significantly improve the exhaust system, the NVH performance of the vehicle, and continuously improve passenger comfort.

Relying on Yueding's professional engineers and more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, the products can fully meet the demanding requirements of users.


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