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Butt joint clamp & Lap joint clamp Series

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Butt joint clamp & Lap joint clamp Series

Today, let's introduce two types of our best-selling products, butt joint clamp and lap joint clamp!

These kind of clamps are widely used in the connection of various pipelines, various connections of auto parts and tools.

The main materials of the product are aluminum and stainless steel 304, which are respectively composed of a steel strip, an I-shaped aluminum block, two semicircular spacers, two bolts, two nuts and other parts;

Butt joint clamp + lap  joint clamp, Material



Band width



Band thickness



Butt joint clamp + lap  joint clamp in Common

Both are connected by semi-circular spacers (carbon steel electro-galvanized) and I-shaped aluminum blocks; high-strength standard bolts and nuts.



The regular size of the butt joint clamp is from 2 inches to 8 inches; the regular size of the lap joint clamp is from 2 inches to 6 inches. The difference between the lap joint clamp and the butt joint clamp are that there is a concave and convex part in the middle of the steel strip of lap joint, when we produce lap joint clamps, we use a hydraulic machine to press the steel strip into two diameters, so that our lap joint clamps can be applied to connect with large pipes and small pipes, the design of large and small calibers also makes our products more docile in the fastening of pipes, with better fastening and sealing performance, and more beautiful;

How to define the size of our lap joint clamp: the lap joint clamp is divided into large and small diameters, the large diameter part is put on the flared pipe, and the small diameter part is put on the normal pipe. The size of the small diameter is what we usually considered as the size of the lap joint clamp.


                                                        Diagram of Lap joint clamp                                                                                Diagram of Butt joint clamp

In addition, we can develop molds and customize products of various sizes as per customer needs.

Normal export carton package: first packed in a small box and then packed in a neutral master carton (one piece in a small box and 20 boxes into a master carton). Of course, in the case of large quantity, we can also provide single white box or other packaging.

We also have the bulk package to save the space as below.


Provide the requested material and size only, we will offer our quotation in time!

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