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Detailed Introduction Of Metal Hose

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The metal hose is made of stainless steel metal corrugated pipe plus one layer, or double-layer stainless steel wire or steel chain mesh sleeve. Has good flexibility, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. 

High pressure resistance (maximum 32MPa).Can be connected in all directions in the pipeline for temperature compensation and digestion and absorption of vibration. Reduce noise, change the direction of material conveying, and dredge pipes or between pipes and mechanical equipment. For the deviation of mechanical equipment, the double-flange metal corrugated hose is especially suitable for flexible connectors. Of various pumps and valves with deviation and vibration.

Features: good seismic performance, strong protection of the net

Pipe diameter: DN6~DN2000

Product features of metal hose:

Is corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, cold resistant (-196℃~+550℃), light weight, small size, and good flexibility. It is commonly used in crude oil, chemical plants, metallurgical industry, power engineering, sewage treatment, environmental protection, Paper industry, engineering construction and other manufacturing industries.

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