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Exhaust flexible pipes

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Automotive exhaust pipe is an important connector in the automotive field. It is installed in the exhaust pipe between the engine exhaust branch pipe and the muffler, making the connection of the entire exhaust system flexible and reducing noise.It is easy to install and extend the life of the exhaust noise reduction system.Using its own unique air tightness, double-layer hydraulic pressure,water are used as the medium during molding, and the bellows made is more conducive to the emission of automobile exhaust, and the pollution of engine exhaust to the environment is minimized.

It is used to absorb vibration of the exhaust system and prevent excessive thermal deformation for a comfortable ride. Stainless steel SUS304, as the main material of flexible joints, is resistant to high temperature and salt corrosion. Bellows can be equipped with mesh sleeves and expansion joints to eliminate engine noise.

Therefore, automotive flexible joints (automobile exhaust pipe bellows) have become the most ideal compensation components in modern industrial supporting pipelines.

Exhaust hoses are mainly used in light trucks, minibuses and passenger cars. The structure is a double-layer corrugated pipe sleeve with a steel mesh sleeve, and the two ends are a straight edge section outer snap ring structure. In order to improve the noise reduction effect, expansion joints or mesh sleeves can be installed in the bellows.


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