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Frequently Asked Questions about Car Exhaust Flexible Pipe

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Q: Where are the exhaust pipes generally installed in the exhaust system?

A: Generally installed between the catalytic converter and the front muffler (or resonator).

Q: How many exhaust pipes can generally be installed on a car?

A: Generally, a four-cylinder engine car is equipped with one exhaust pipe (plus two for the turbine), and a six-cylinder engine requires two exhaust pipes, etc., depending on the displacement.

Q: What is the recommended maximum temperature for a car exhaust pipe?

A: It is generally recommended that the maximum working temperature of 304 material is 500 degrees. If it is 201 material, it is generally recommended not to exceed 400 degrees.

Q: What is the basic service life of an exhaust pipe?

A: 201 is basically 6 months, 304 is basically 1 year.

Q: How to increase the flexibility of the product?

A: The main factors that affect the flexibility of the exhaust pipe are the wave number, the outer circle size of the bellows, and the wall thickness of the bellows. It is most direct to increase the wave number, or reduce the thickness of the bellows.

Q: What are the characteristics of different braid types?

A: Regular mesh: regular but good protection; wire mesh: mostly used in German cars, super soft but poor protection; thin mesh: both protective and soft, high performance, suitable for OEM market.

Q: How to quickly distinguish exhaust pipe material (201 and 304)?

A: Under normal circumstances, the exhaust pipe should be soaked in water (rain is best, as it will accelerate rust), and leave it for 24-48 hours. SS201 will soon have obvious rust spots.

Q: What will happen if the car exhaust pipe is clogged?

A: 1. Abnormal noise: Abnormal noise will occur when there is a problem with the car's exhaust pipe. Generally, if there is abnormal noise in the exhaust, the exhaust gas will exceed the standard. If it is not dealt with for a long time, it may damage other parts of the car.

2. The car is unable to accelerate: The exhaust pipe is blocked, and there is no way to discharge the gas. It occupies the air intake space, which will lead to insufficient combustion. Therefore, when the exhaust pipe is not flowing smoothly, acceleration will be weak, etc. Condition.

3. Backfire phenomenon: Because part of the exhaust gas remains in the cylinder, the mixture becomes thinner and the combustion speed slows down.

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