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How are the exhaust flexible pipe made

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Exhaust flex pipes are a flexible sections that are used either in positions where an exhaust pipe needs to be flexible, or to repair a damaged exhaust system. While they are stainless steel made, it is common for one to fail and require replacement.Automotive exhaust pipes get extremely hot from the exhaust gas passing through the system and out the tailpipe. Due to this, when an exhaust system needs to bend often, shift or be flexible, the manufacturer cannot use traditional materials like rubber. The flex pipe is made of stainless steel sheet formed into a flexible connection , and thus can withstand the heat of exhaust gas . Currently quality flex pipes will be all made of stainless steel,usually 304ss and 201ss or even 321ss as OEM standard.

Automotive engines move slightly during operation, whereas most exhaust systems are fixed from the mid-section back. Flex pipes allow the engine to move and not crack or rupture what would otherwise be an inflexible stainless steel exhaust pipe. Flex pipes are typically found where the exhaust manifold meets the downpipe or mid-section of an exhaust, which is closer to the engine than to the exit tailpipe.A flex pipe is flexible piece of pipe that allows the exhaust system some flexibility. Flex pipes are an essential part of any front wheel drive vehicle and on most all wheel drive vehicles. Without that extra flex the rocking motion would crack the exhaust system causing a loud leak.

Therefore flex pipe will be a very import part, and below you will find how flexible pipe will be made briefly?

Exhaust flex pipes are made of stainless steel(major material,304ss&201ss&321ss) ,and regular structure are:

Outer braid+bellow+Inner linner(interlock or inner braid)+Caps&Nipples.

Major processing are: Pipe welding,spot welding,bellow forming,Laser cutting,caps assembly,etc. MAJOR STRUCTURE & FACILITY&STEPS  

Stainless steel wires→BRAID(NET)→WITH Net weaving machine 


INTERLOCK:Stainless steel sheet→   INTERLOCK HOSE→   WITH INTERLOCK machine


Welded Stainless steel Straight PIPE→  BELLOW→  WITH BELLOW FORMING MACHINE

4. CAPS:
Stainless steel/ Aluminized steel sheet→  CAPS→  WITH PUNCHING MACHINE


Stainless steel/Aluminized steel PIPES→  NIPPLES→  WITH LASER CUTTING MACHINE


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