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How do you attach a flex pipe to exhaust

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Step 1: Remove the exhaust from your car: This part is fairly simple. Disconnect the exhaust system from your car and remove the broken or leaking exhaust flex pipe.

Step 2: Clean up the cut: Use a filing tool to remove any sharp bits from the now cut end of the exhaust. This will make sure you don’t hurt yourself in the process and protects your exhaust from further damage down the line.

Step 3: Prepare to weld: Use your preferred method of preparing both the exhaust and the exhaust flex joint replacement part for welding. Make sure the metal is clean to avoid any contaminants in the weld. Also, before you weld, make sure you test on some scrap metal to figure out the best settings before working on the final product.

Step 4: Start to weld: Reinstall your exhaust onto your car with the new exhaust flex joint loosely in place to ensure everything fits, and disconnect your car’s battery. Then, go ahead and make a few welds to secure the flex joint in the right position.

Step 5: Finishing and cleaning: Remove the exhaust from your car again and move it to an open work area to finish welding. Be sure to clean up once you’ve done your initial pass to make sure the seal is airtight. Once you’re confident in your weld, reattach your exhaust system and give it a test.

And, the cost of an exhaust flex pipe repair, as with any car repair, will greatly depend on the car you drive, the mechanic you hire and your geographical location. As we were able to find multiple quotes online, we found the average price seemed to be in the $115 to $275 range at a local muffler shop if you were to repair a section of it; however, if you were to replace the entire flex pipe, then the costs could range from $400 to more than $1,000 at a local car dealership if the pipe had a converter built in. As for just the parts, without any professional labor, the costs can range from $15 to $35+, depending on the brand and the manufacturer.

As we know that the flex pipes can not only absorb the vibration and movement of the car's transmission and engine. They also compensate for movement and flexing in the body of the car. By doing so, they absorb stress that might otherwise cause cracks, leaks and other damage. They also provide a breaking point if the muffler gets caught on something as you drive. With all this stress to absorb, the flex pipe that came with your car from the factory often needs replacement, but it's an easy job to do. You can use exhaust clamps instead of welding for the simple reason that clamping will provide the same stability to your exhaust pipe system and they are easy to repair. You just need bolts and nuts to set the clamp and while repairing you only need to tighten or change the clamps.


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