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How much does flex pipe cost

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Exhaust flexible pipe is installed between the manifold and engine, to absorb the vibration and decrease the noise. It is an important part for the exhaust system performance.

Typically, the flex pipe is made of forged or stainless steel, it gives your front-wheel-drive vehicle’s exhaust system the flexibility it needs. Automotive exhaust pipes heat up a lot from the exhaust gas passing through the system and going out the tailpipe; so manufacturers cannot use materials like rubber to allow an exhaust system to shift, bend, or be flexible.

As such, the flex pipe is constructed from metal strips woven into a lattice, so it can withstand extreme gas heat as well as give your vehicle’s exhaust system the flexibility it needs. Accordingly, the flex pipe is an essential part of almost every all-wheel-drive vehicles that protects the vehicle’s exhaust system from breaking.

In our factory, there are stainless steel 201 and stainless steel 304 material available. And for the cap and nipples, we could make it in aluminum and stainless steel 409. Those are all depends on price performance,customer classification and usage situation. For the normal aftermarket sale, the material could be in SS201. For high quality of OEM need, we could choose SS304. And of course, the prices of SS304 products are higher than SS201.  

And furthermore, different structures could influence the costs either. There are totally four structures in our factory, which are base type, inner braid type, interlock type and then they all can be with extension, which we could also call it nipples.

Base type: tube+ outer braid;

Inner braid type: tube+outer+inner braid;

Interlock type: tube+outer braid+interlock;

Extension(nipple)type: above+extension.

The essential part is the corrugated tube. The inner braid and interlock protect the the corrugated tube and enforce the function. It is very clear, the more material we use, the more cost of the flex pipe.

And we also have another type, we call it mesh type, they can make the pipe softer. Some German cars’ exhaust system is designed with it. Normally, this type is made with interlock and the mesh braids are with more complicated technique, so the cost is the most expensive one.

It is hard to say which one is better, when the flex pipe installed into the system, proper flexibility is enough, no need to choose higher quality or high performance products. The function is to absorb the vibration and decrease the noise.

It is better to replace the flex pipe if it’s critically damaged. The difference between repairing and replacement is not high.  

Replacement involves the cost of parts, and also it depends on the quality of the exhaust and flex pipes. It is challenging to get the average cost of the exhaust flex pipe replacement and repair because it depends on various factors and very widely.  

Some vehicles have combined flex pipes with the exhaust’s catalytic converter, and some are freely attached, which cost less than the combined pipe.


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