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Introduction to Hose Clamps

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Introduction to Hose Clamps

Hose Clamps are an important component in modern industry. Hose Clamps are used as wire and cable protection tubes for wires, cables, signals for automation instruments, and as residential shower hoses. Hose Clamps are a type of hardware used to attach hoses and tubes to a variety of objects and fixtures, from bathroom sinks to car engines and more. The fitting to which the hose is attached is known as a barb or tip. The Hose Clamp is first placed on the end of the hose to be fixed to the tip, then the hose is secured around the tip and the clamp is tightened so that the hose does not come loose. Below I will give you specific information about Hose Clamps so that you can increase your knowledge of them.

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·Application areas



A Hose Clamp with a clamp ring, a tensioning device, and a positioning piece set for positioning the Hose Clamp on the hose. It is desired to make the installation of the hose simple. For this purpose, the positioning arrangement has at least two positioning members.

The Hose Clamp, in which the second clamp can be moved reliably until it is separated from the locking part, does not clamp the two clamps together too much and maintains the tightening force of the leaf spring body. The Hose Clamp has a leaf spring body and, at one end, a long opening and a first clamp, while at the other end, an insert and a second clamp are formed. A locking tab with a hooked locking portion is formed in the first tab through a bend, while an engagement holding portion is formed in the second tab. A wedge-shaped portion is provided on the locking tab that widens from the locking portion towards the bending portion, and a stop portion that is generally parallel to the first tab. The wedge is arranged in a plane approximately parallel to the circumference of the leaf spring body, and the intersection between the wedge and the stop is offset in the width direction concerning the locking section.


1. Flexible between Hose Clamp pitches.

2. Hose Clamps have good expansion and contraction, with no blockage or stiffness.

3The Hose Clamps are light in weight and have good consistency in caliber.

4Hose Clamps have good flexibility, repetitive bending, and flexibility.

5Hose Clamps have good corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance.

6Hose Clamps are resistant to rodent bites and have good abrasion resistance, preventing internal electrical wires from being worn.

7Hose Clamps are resistant to bending, tensile properties, and side pressure.

8The Hose Clamps are soft and smooth, easy to install, and position for threading.

Application areas

Hose Clamps have a beautiful shape, easy to use, have strong tightening force, and have good sealing performance. They are mainly used for fastening and sealing the joints of common rubber hoses, nylon plastic hoses, cloth hoses, and water belts for vehicles, ships, diesel engines, petrol engines, machine tools, fire-fighting and other mechanical equipment and chemical equipment; they are also used for the installation of construction pipes, with good performance, high sealing, and easy installation.

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