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Maintenance and precautions for Exhaust pipe flexible bellows

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Although the material of the flexible bellows of the exhaust pipe is relatively durable, it also needs to be inspected and maintained regularly so that problems can be found and repaired in time. The Exhaust pipe flexible bellows in daily use also need to carry out regular maintenance and testing, this article mainly introduces the Exhaust pipe flexible bellows maintenance methods and precautions.

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1. Regular inspection, regular inspection of the Exhaust pipe flexible bellows body, interface and other places, if found a fault, such as wear and tear, the interface has a loose off the situation with, to repair, or to replace, to ensure that the role of protection.

2. Regular maintenance, the so-called maintenance is to ensure that the Exhaust pipe flexible bellows in the normal operation of the daily work, to keep the pipe clean if there is dust and oil to clean up promptly to ensure that the Exhaust pipe flexible bellows normal play its function, to extend its service life.

3. Replace the original Exhaust pipe flexible bellows, in daily use, due to the use of different environments and conditions, if the Exhaust pipe flexible bellows are found to be broken to replace the pipe, choose the same manufacturer, so that the specifications, type, material and to repair the bellows to remain consistent.

4. To determine the maintenance program, after the installation and use of Exhaust pipe flexible bellows, to develop a perfect maintenance program, so that the performance advantages of the bellows can be guaranteed.


1. The Exhaust pipe flexible bellows should be stacked neatly and not stepped on at will.

2. Cover the Exhaust pipe flexible bellows to protect it from premature aging caused by wind and rain.

3. cut the flexible corrugated exhaust pipe straight, not cut into a slant.

4. Position the exhaust pipe bellows accurately, especially near the joint.

5. When welding the Exhaust pipe flexible bellows, take measures to protect the bellows from burns, and if they are accidentally burned, wrap the burned area tightly with tape.

6. Method of jointing the Exhaust pipe flexible bellows: the bellows joint should be covered with large bellows of 0.3 m in length and the two ends should be tightened in half with no gaps left between them. To ensure that there is no gap in the middle, the ends of the two joints should be well marked. Once this is done, it should be wrapped tightly with tape to prevent leakage.

Although it is called a "hose", its function is not soft, and it is also very strong. Exhaust pipe flexible bellows are widely used, in the actual processing and use, there are often some reasons to make the bellows damage, this is where we need to pay attention to the above maintenance details, I hope you can keep in mind, and understand the points of bellows protection. I hope you can enjoy all the content shared by me about the Exhaust pipe flexible bellows.

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