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Management requirements and precautions for Metal Hoses

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Management requirements and precautions for Metal Hoses

Metal Hoses are used in a wide range of applications, such as shower water heaters, oil storage tanks, wires, cables, and so on. Although we are generally familiar with the Metal Hose, some matters must be paid special attention to in its use, so you know what? Let me tell you.

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·Management requirements


Management requirements

(1) In the pipeline equipped with a Metal Hose to avoid water strikes, especially in a heavy oil pipeline, sweep the line to slowly open and close the sweep valve, if necessary, the condensate in the steam should be released before sweeping the line.

(2) The material of the Metal Hose is stainless steel. The process of use must prevent the corrosion of chloride ions. The content of chloride ions should not exceed 25.

(3) Do not artificially cause the phenomenon of holding pressure on the Metal Hose following the requirements of a safe operation to avoid danger.

(4) Deformation and distortion of the Metal Hose caused by uneven settlement should be dealt with promptly.

(5) Check the Metal Hose regularly.


1. Connection cracking. Metal Hose, more longitudinal seam connection steel pipe. Usually, due to the longitudinal seam welding itself, the tube compressive strength is not well caused by the connection cracking destruction. This kind of destruction belongs to the metal bellows longitudinal connection problem, so should strengthen the manipulation of the connection.

2. Bad pressure resistance. Due to the transport material working pressure, ambient temperature is too high, Metal Hose pressure resistance is not good and the onset of burst slope. Such destruction is the overall planning model selection error generated and should be strictly following the plastic hose overall planning model selection standards to carry out model selection and determine the main parameters of the metal bellows and plastic mesh bag main parameters.

3. Fatigue destruction. In the dynamic operation state, Metal Hoses suffer circulatory system load actual results usually onset fatigue crack destruction. To broaden the application service life should ensure that the overall planning of Metal Hose model selection is appropriate.

4. Stainless steel plate Metal Hose steel mesh set pull off. Desoldering appears metal wire mesh set pull off due to the quality of electric welding connection, so that plastic hose, ring and steel mesh set in the trinity of electric welding connection operation process appear part of just wire desoldering (coarse crystal or end weld live).

5. In connection with the hose joint welding connection, when the actual operation is not appropriate, will welding connection, and this deficiency in the hydraulic test query is very difficult to find. When the Metal Hose connects the material pipe, after a long time of application due to fatigue and other reasons, make the onset of cracks or cracks, and finally appears to transport the material leakage of the pipe.

To ensure the safety of use, and to avoid unnecessary failures in the use of Metal Hose, you users need to bear in mind these important matters, and properly do the details of the treatment. Finally, we would also like to remind you that once the Metal Hose is found inside and outside the wire loosening, surface denting, twisting, and other deformation, wear or corrosion is serious, etc., can no longer continue to use, must be immediately scrapped.


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