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Mercedes Benz Part Rear Exhaust Pipe Clamp

1.This product is suitable for exhaust pipe connection, especially Mercedes-Benz special curved exhaust pipe connection.
2.At present, the size of the clamp we provide for production is 51mm 54mm 57mm 63mm 70mm 76mm 85mm 89mm. Please measure the outer diameter of the pipe that needs to be locked before purchase to ensure proper installation.
3.we focus on pipe accessories products, high quality and low price, welcome inquiry.


The silencer joint arc clamp(Muffler joint cambered clamp,Spherical clamp,O-type clamp) is a specialized fastener designed to secure and seal the connection between the silencer and other parts of the exhaust system. This type of clamp typically features an arc-shaped structure, which conforms and adheres closely to the curved joint sections of the silencer or exhaust pipe, ensuring leak-free connections while allowing for a certain degree of thermal expansion and vibration dampening. The arc clamps are usually made from metal materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel , and their corrosion resistance is enhanced through surface treatments like galvanization, nickel plating, or Dacromet coating. Its working principle involves tightening two connecting components using bolts, nuts, and compression washers to create a reliable air-tight seal.
we have taken into account factors such as thermal expansion and mechanical vibration, ensuring that this arc clamp maintains a stable connection even when subjected to temperature fluctuations and continuous vibrations, thereby greatly prolonging the service life of the equipment.Our Muffler collar tail throat clamp come equipped with high-strength bolt and nut combinations, offering easy and quick installation along with robust clamping force to ensure every assembly is both safe and durable. Whether you are an automotive manufacturer, repair service provider, or a DIY enthusiast, you can experience the outstanding performance and worry-free assurance that our products bring.
ZheJiang YueDing company produce quality products and work to provide constant communication with our clients. Our dedication to excellence allows us to be a stable solution in the marketplace with a quick lead time. We primarily focus on exhaust pipes, including metal hoses and other pipes that are used within the automotive industry . We have designers, engineers, and others who are involved in the process of manufacturing parts. We explore the top materials to use as well as continuously add more technology and innovation to produce higher quality parts.
  • Where can I find product specifications, support logistics and payment methods?
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    You can click the page tag under the inquiry button to see, in addition to product introduction and "specifications" and "delivery", if you have other questions, please consult us, we will give you a professional reply.
  • Can I order a sample? Is the quality guaranteed?
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    Absolutely, we provide samples and various test reports.Through years of practice and technological innovation, we have provided high-quality exhaust pipe clamp products for many automobile manufacturers, machinery and equipment manufacturers and maintenance service providers, and won a wide range of market praise.
  • Do you have any experience in large volume cooperation?
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    We have large-scale pipeline project cooperation in China, and our customers all over the world, shipments can be fully guaranteed, we also often participate in the international large auto parts machinery exhibition, so whether online or offline, whether production or after-sales, we have quite good experience.



PART NUMBER - A0004901541


This ball zone exhaust gas clamps are the ideal solution when it comes to making connections in central and rear exhaust gas areas. When used in conjunction with flange joints, it is possible to swivel silencers during installation.

What you will love!

Angle compensation in exhaust gas system

Silencers can be swiveled during installation

Installation and removal conditions easier to work with thanks to increased flexibility of overall system

Did you know?

This exhaust clamps are installed as original parts in many vehicles from leading automotive manufacturers. Please get in touch with us for more information!




High quality plastic bag packed inside and carton box packed outside.

Delivery terms:Air courier,DHL,FedEx,UPS,TNT,EMS.


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