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T Bolt Hose Clamp



The T-Bolt Hose Clamp is designed with a smooth band and a T-shaped bolt affixed to one end of the clamp. The T-Bolt Clamp is fixed by a self-locking nut. The biggest advantage of the T-bolt clamp is that it provides a uniform sealing pressure for a positive, reliable seal. Besides, the smooth band makes no harm to the tube that is often made with soft material such as silicone, etc. Moreover, most of the T bolt hose clamps are designed with stainless steel, of tensile strength, durability, and corrosion resistance.

t clamp for pipe

The downside of this T hose clamp is that every size has a small adjusting range. So it’s essential to make sure that you purchase the right size of clamp.


t bolt clamp size chart

We also provide other sizes per your request.


The T Bolt Hose Clamp can be used in various applications such as irrigation, radiators. Marine, railways, or pneumatic connections, and chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industrial usages.

More specifically, the T-Bolt clamps are generally used on vacuum lines, fuel lines, and oil lines.


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