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T bolt V band clamp

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T-bolt V band clamps are mainly used for solid sealing of pipe joints such as vehicles, ships, mechanical equipment, chemical equipment, oil suction, oil suction hose, dilute acid-base hose, spray hose, steel wire reinforced hose, etc. Coil spring design provides self-load compensation (constant pressure) to prevent leakage due to temperature fluctuations. Typical applications include heavy duty truck ventilation and cooling systems.

Compared with traditional bolt clamps, V-type clamps have the following four advantages:

1. Super easy to install;

2. After changing to bolt installation, the installation efficiency is greatly improved;

3. Due to the connection characteristics of the V-clamp, it can be installed in a narrow space, making the design of the connection end more compact, thereby saving space and realizing a compact design concept;

4. Due to the compact design, the weight of the assembly can be greatly reduced, which is beneficial to the lightweight of the vehicle and the improvement of fuel economy.


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