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The application of Expansion Joints in different pipelines

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The application of Expansion Joints in different pipelines

Expansion Joints have a certain multi-directional displacement effect in the operation of pipelines. They have an important expansion and contraction compensation effect on pipelines in operation due to thermal expansion and contraction, crustal subsidence, and stress. In the process of the increasingly widespread application of Expansion Joints, the conditions that need to be met are different due to different environmental locations. Drainage pipelines are different from those used in water supply pipelines, and high-temperature pipelines are different from those used in high-pressure pipelines. So the application of Expansion Joints in different pipelines will be different, and I will introduce you to the details next.

This is the list of contents

·Application in valve pipelines

·Application in sewage pipes

·Applications in gas/liquid transport pipelines

·Application in power supply system piping


Application in valve pipelines

The high-speed liquid movement of the medium directly washes the Expansion Joint, so that it causes local damage; Expansion Joint medium mixed injection and local vaporization, resulting in bubble impact joint surface, resulting in local damage. The condition of the medium plus the alternating effect of chemical corrosion will strongly leach the joint. The Expansion Joint can be damaged by abrasion, bruising, and squeezing during the opening and closing process. Between the two Expansion Joints, atoms occur under the action of high temperature and pressure, resulting in adhesion, when the joints move to each other. The adhesion is easy to pull tear.

Application in sewage pipes

The higher the surface roughness of the Expansion Joint, the more likely this phenomenon occurs. Expansion Joints can bruise and squeeze during the closing process and in the process of returning to the seat, causing local wear or indentation on the sealing surface. The Expansion Joint plays the role of variable resistance in the pipeline. It changes the turbulence of the process fluid or, in the case of laminar flow, provides a pressure drop which is caused by changing the joint resistance or "friction". This pressure reduction process is often referred to as "throttling".

Applications in gas/liquid transport pipelines

In the case of gases, which are close to isothermal adiabatic conditions, the deviation depends on the non-ideal degree of the gas (Joule-Thomson effect). In the case of liquids, the pressure is then consumed by turbulent flow or viscous friction, both of which convert the pressure and lead to a slight increase in temperature. In this case, it is determined that what is required for the Expansion Joint is supplied by compressed air, which should be dried outside in the equipment to prevent freezing and should be purified and filtered.

Application in power supply system piping

Expansion Joints can be widely used in power supply system pipelines. Power supply system pipelines can be used for transporting and distributing water, equivalent to a transfer interface, which is responsible for connecting the starting end with the intelligent terminal, and power supply system pipelines made of laminated FRP, which are corrosion-resistant, very easy to clean, long life, high wear resistance, lightweight, easy and quick to install, etc.

Now in many industries, it can be said that Expansion Joints can play a key role, especially can become the product used to connect the pipeline, after such Expansion Joints, can well meet the needs of the pipeline construction.


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