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The difference between German, American and British hose clamp

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1.Introduction of three kinds of hose clamp

The German Type Hose Clamp is similar in material, appearance and use to the American one. The difference is that the German steel belt is not hollow, the outer groove of the steel belt is convex, and the inner groove is concave. The German-style belt is a toothed device formed by stamping. The tightening diameter toothed device is tightly combined with the screw. There are two kinds of widths: 9mm and 12mm. Stainless steel is the mainstream material in the market, and iron galvanized material is not much done in the market, the price is more expensive, and the minimum order is higher.

American Type Hose Clamp is one of the stainless steel hose clamps. The commonly used materials are stainless steel (semi-steel and all-steel need to be confirmed clearly) and iron galvanized (iron galvanized usually has a higher order). This product is made of steel. With through-hole process (the occlusal groove is a through-hole hollow structure, there are two kinds of grooves: rectangular hole and willow hole), so that the screw tightly engages the steel belt, and the screw is tightened with a cross or a flat-blade screwdriver in the middle of the outer hexagon head. This product is widely used in the oil circuit, water circuit and gas circuit of automobile, motorcycle, trailer and mechanical vehicle, so that the sealing of the pipe connection is more firm.

British Type Hose Clamp steel belt outer groove is concave, the inner side is smooth and flat, the material is generally mainly iron galvanized, the width of the British type hose clamp varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, the common ones are 9mm and 12mm.

2.The difference between German, American and British hose clamp

The materials of American-style clamps and German-style clamps can be divided into W1, W2, W4, W5, which correspond to iron galvanized, semi-steel, and all-steel,The material of the British clamp is iron galvanized.

American style, German style and British style are combined with the bandwidth and the structure of the steel belt to judge, as shown in the figure:


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