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Two common materials for hose clamps

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Two Choice Of Material For Hose Clamps

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HOSE CLAMP is a common product now. Although HOSE CLAMPS are a part of fixed products in life, it is widely used. For this kind of product, the processing technology of HOSE CLAMPS is generally divided into two types, namely galvanized hose clamps , Stainless steel hose clamps

Galvanized is widely used in the market because of its relatively cheap price, and stainless steel is more expensive and is mainly used in some high-end markets. However, if you look closely, you will find that compared to galvanized, stainless steel has the characteristics of high torque, good fastening performance, corrosion resistance, etc. long lasting.

If the operating environment requirements are not high, galvanized hose clamps are a good choice. After all, they are better at the price, but the production process and performance are higher quality compared to stainless steel

In TheOne , we can supply galvanized steel hose clamp with yellow and white , according to the request for different market , we will provide our moderate advise for each client .Then for stainless steel , we can provide stainless steel 201 and stainless steel 304 , for the water environment , we can supply stainless steel 316 for choice .

Almost each type of hose clamps , they have galvanized steel and stainless steel material grade to choose . Usually the galvanized steel band thickness is a little thicker than stainlesss steel due to its special resilience. Like the single bolt pipe clamps, 44-47mm, the galvanized typs thickess is 22*1.2mm, but the stainless steel type is 0.8mm. The Germany type hose clamps , galvanized steel is 0.7mm, but stailess steel type is 0.6mm.

No matter the galvanized hose clamp or stainless steel hose clamps , it all depend on your request .

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