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V-type clamp

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V band clamps are widely used in the tube coupling in many industries, such as Vehical turbocharger, Engine, Exhaust system and Agricultural irrigation, Food and Chemical, etc.. Standard and Quick-released V band clamps are available.


Rich configurations on T bolt and nut and match various application even critical like high temperature, high vibration;

Whole stainless steel and resistant to corrosion;

Positive sealing integrity;

Easy assembly and dis-assembly;

Good welding and physical performance;

Thickened V retainer can guarantee perfect clamping force. Thread galling free.

Application range:

1. It is suitable for the connection of various pipelines in industry.

2. In the automotive industry, it is applied to the connection of the turbocharger outlet end and the interface connection of the middle section of the exhaust system. Since the national five is upgraded to the national six, there are higher requirements for the leakage rate of the entire pipeline of the exhaust system, so the traditional The bolt connection method is gradually being replaced by this v-type clamp connection method.


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