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What Are The Characteristics Of Metal Hoses

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What Are The Characteristics Of Metal Hoses

There are many types of metal hoses, and the classification methods are different. Some are classified according to use, some are classified according to raw materials, and some are classified by hidden buckle type. The following characteristics are the basis for the classification of metal hoses; the structure and processing technology of the corrugated pipe, the inner diameter of the plastic hose, the working pressure value, the purpose and function of the working substance, the working standard, the working temperature and the scale of operation.

According to the structure, the bellows are divided into the following types: steel fiber welded airtight bellows, rigid electric welding welded airtight bellows, steel argon arc welding electromechanical welded airtight bellows, and tube made of airtight bellows The operating pressure is different, and the plastic hose is divided into three types: bottom pressure, high pressure, and high pressure. The bottom pressure plastic hose is generally a single-side and sleeve type with no wave-up. When working under higher working pressure, the following methods are used to develop the compressive strength of the metal hose.

The plastic mesh bag is added to the second or third layer, and the spiral-shaped dissipating iron wire and the thickness of the wave are added in the tubular wave trough, so that the metal soft that can work smoothly under high pressure and high pressure is obtained. tube. According to the purpose, metal hoses can be divided into three basic types: plastic hoses for transporting corrosive and non-corrosive liquids and vapors. A metal hose used to shield power lines and prevent them from being damaged by mechanical equipment and contact with liquids in critical power circuits.

As a moving pipe compensator to remove the temperature deformation and equipment deformation of various machinery and equipment hydraulic press management system. Metal hoses with plastic mesh bags are used to work under high pressure. It is used for metal hoses that operate under long-term oscillation standards with a wide excitation frequency and limited bumpy frequency. This type of metal hose must be subjected to a long-term oscillation test at the operating frequency. Judge its working ability according to the regulations of vibration compressive strength and vibration resistance.

The metal hose used for working under the standard of frequent bumps and anti bumps and the oscillation frequency band is not wide. This kind of metal hose must carry out a long-term bumpy test in a narrow oscillation frequency band to find out the hazards of repeated bumps and transportation oscillations to its operating ability. The structure of the corrugated pipe made of pipe and the method of tightly connecting the connector and the plastic mesh bag are improved, the welding is greatly shortened, the credibility is developed, and the life span is increased by 1-2 times. This advantage makes metal hoses widely used.


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