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What is the exhaust flexi pipe?

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Automobile exhaust flexi pipe, also known as automobile exhaust bellows, is installed in the exhaust pipe between the engine exhaust branch pipe and the muffler to make the whole exhaust system flexibly connected, so as to reduce vibration and noise, facilitate installation and prolong the service life of the exhaust silencing system.


1. In exhaust pipe, it can isolate the vibration generated by the engine, reduce the pressure on the entire exhaust system.

2. Protect the manifold and drain pipe from premature cracking, helps to extend the lifespan of other components.

3. With lining, which can offer laminar flow and maintain the flexibility of the coupling, practical to use.

4. The exhaust flexi pipe is a flexible tube usually made of stainless steel, rugged, rust-proof and durable. Universal design, can be used in any vehicle.

5. Suitable for wastegate drain pipe, absorb thermal expansion, reduce the stress on turbos, wastegate flange and pipeline.


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