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Heavy Duty Hose Clamps with One Bolt Or Hollow Shaft Heavy Duty Hose Clamps with One Bolt Or Hollow Shaft
Heavy Duty Hose Clamps with One Bolt Or Hollow Shaft Heavy Duty Hose Clamps with One Bolt Or Hollow Shaft
Heavy Duty Hose Clamps with One Bolt Or Hollow Shaft Heavy Duty Hose Clamps with One Bolt Or Hollow Shaft
Heavy Duty Hose Clamps with One Bolt Or Hollow Shaft Heavy Duty Hose Clamps with One Bolt Or Hollow Shaft


Heavy Duty Hose Clamps with One Bolt Or Hollow Shaft

Heavy Duty Hose Clamps, including European-style robust single bolt hose clamps, offer secure and reliable performance for various industrial uses. Made from premium stainless steel, these clamps feature a steel strip design with edge pressing, protecting pipes from damage. They excel in tightening and sealing thick-walled hoses, making them ideal for irrigation, sewage, and cement pumps. The hex head bolt can be easily tightened with a regular or socket wrench, ensuring a secure fit, preventing leaks, and improving system efficiency.
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Heavy Duty Hose Clamp, also known as European Heavy Duty Clamp, is a type of heavy-duty clamp. Variants include single-head single-layer, single-head double-layer, double-head single-layer, double-head double-layer, hollow heavy-duty etc.We typically export using carton packaging, with different quantities packed according to the size specifications, keeping each box's weight generally controlled at 15 kilograms. You only need to provide the material and size, and we will promptly provide you with a quotation.

Solid Heavy Duty Clamp

As shown in the figure,The solid heavy-duty hose clamp, made from 304 stainless steel, is designed for demanding applications requiring high clamping force and reliability. This clamp consists of a durable steel band, a tongue plate for secure fastening, an external hex bolt for tightening, and two threaded axle sleeves for added stability. The key parameters that define its performance include the band width, band thickness, and the strength and precision of the weld points.

We usually use three-point welding, which can make the heavy-duty hose clamp connection more tight, of course, you can also propose the welding method you want, we can do it. If you do not want solder joints on the surface, we can also do mirror polishing of the heavy-duty hose clamp, if the number is sufficient, this operation is free.

Heavy duty hose clamp

What is the difference between Heavy duty hose clamp with one bolt and Heavy duty hose clamp with hollow shaft?

These two kinds of clamps are heavy clamps, but the two bolt shafts of the latter are hollow, and there is not much difference in use, mainly depending on your buying habits.More details on the clamp can be directly sent to email ( or contact us, we will reply immediately.


Clamp->Hose clamp


  • Product name:  Heavy Duty Hose Clamp

  • Brand: YDCT(Brand customizable)

  • Material: Galvanized iron, ss201, ss304, ss316 and other materials, semi-steel and all steel

  • Application scenario: Vehicles, ships, diesel engines, gasoline engines, machine tools, fire, etc


Surface treatment: Zinc plated steel,Color zinc plated steel,Stainless steel

Heavy Duty Hose Clamp

heavy duty hose clamp

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Product Description

Heavy Duty Hose Clamps,Ideal for suction & high-pressure hoses,Extremely easy to install with manual, electric or pneumatic tools,Band tensile force levels improved by a factor of three,Features a specially designed bolt with integrated spacer to improve performance,Robust band prevents hose damage,Reinforced hose loops for high-torque applications,Mechanically locking closure - no welding spots!

The primary variant is the single-head solid heavy-duty clamp, crafted from high-quality steel belt, tongue plate, shaft sleeve, and bolt.Engineered to offer a small fastening range of 3-12mm, these clamps provide exceptional pressure resistance, high torque, and strong clamping force, ensuring minimal deformation. They are ideal for securing connections in vehicles, ships, diesel engines, gasoline engines, machine tools, firefighting equipment, and various chemical and mechanical equipment. Whether it's ordinary rubber hoses, nylon plastic hoses, cloth-covered hoses, or water belts, our clamps deliver reliable sealing and fastening.

Constructed from materials such as galvanized iron, 201, 304, and 316 stainless steel, with options in semi-steel and full-steel, our clamps adhere to stringent standards. Dimensions including belt width, belt thickness, and screw size are consistently detailed in our quotation sheets. Available in sizes from 17-19mm to 240-252mm, the minimum order quantity for a single type is typically 100 pieces. For smaller quantities, please contact us for confirmation.

Heavy duty hose clamp Packing and shipping


We are a manufacturing factory specializing in stainless steel pipes and clamps, with over thirty years of production and sales experience. Our clients are spread across the globe, and we are widely trusted and praised.

Our extensive experience has enabled us to assist numerous clients in solving issues related to the installation and selection of pipes and clamps. We provide customized solutions and free samples, allowing clients to test and select the appropriate products.

In terms of clamp products, we primarily offer exhaust clamps and hose clamps. The heavy-duty hose clamp falls under the category of hose clamps. Additionally, we produce and sell American-style hose clamps and German-style hose clamps. We welcome inquiries regarding product details.

YDCT Factory


About YDCT

We are a manufacturer of all kinds of exhaust flexible pipes, metal hoses, and corrugated compensators.

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