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Braided Flexible Hose Pipe


Braided Flexible Hose Pipe of Technical Requirements:

1.According to GB/T14525/2010

2.Remove impurities and spatter to ensure weld appearance

3.Dense waves on both ends of the hose

4.Working pressure 25 bar,working temperature -20~130 degrees Celsius

5.Firstly Spray one layer of anti-rust primer on the surface of the carbon steel,

Then spray on imitation plating silver metallic paint,do not spray on sealing

Surface,but wipe with anti-rust oil

6.Note:Down groove butt on welding ring position

PE High quality EPDM inner tube 304 stainless steel wire braided flexible hose pipe
Size 11MM/12MM/13MM/14MM
Material Stainless Steel 
Surface Treatment Original
Weight  Customized
EPDM Grade High quality
Standard WRAS/ACS



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