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Exhaust Flexible Pipe With Nipple

1.This product is a branch of exhaust flexible pipe products, added nipple can facilitates installation.
2.In order to solve the difficulties for some customers while welding our flex pipes to exhaust system,we welded on the two ends of the flex pipe with extension steel pipes,make its better weldability,which is suitable for modified models.
3.With over thirty years of experience in production and sales, we are dedicated to exhaust pipe fittings products and support in-depth customization. For more detailed information about our products and to learn about special offers, please contact us!

Product Description

Our universal Flexi pipe is one of the most robust exhaust Flexi pipe available on the market to repair a leaking, damaged or blowing flexi pipe in your cars exhaust system. These high-quality universal exhaust Flexi pipes are made from stainless steel and are suitable for all vehicles. A weld on Flexi pipe can be welded to mild steel tube as well as stainless steel tube—these Flexi pipes designed to repair a damaged or worn flexible pipe in an exhaust system.

We have different types of exhaust flexible pipe, basic exhaust flexible pipe, exhaust flexible pipe with interlock, exhaust flexible pipe with innerbraid and exhaust flexible pipe with nipple, The exhaust pipe with nipple can help customers better match the use scenario and install quickly. In addition, we support the customization of products, including trademark lettering and packaging customization, as long as you ask questions, we will solve the problem for you.
Why choose us?
  • We provide samples of exhaust pipes, metal hoses, pipe compensators, fasteners, seals, and buffer parts for your consideration.
  • We possess extensive experience in the mass production and delivery of productsand maintain ongoing collaborations with global clients.
  • Where can I find product specifications, support logistics and payment methods?
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    You can click the page tag under the inquiry button to see,in addition to product introduction and "specifications"and "delivery",if you have other questions,please consult us,we will give you a
    professional reply.
  • Can I order a sample? Is the quality guaranteed?
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    Absolutely,we provide samples and various test reports,and we will regularly do quantitative exhaust pipe corrosion resistance,anti-torque and other testing experiments,packaging will also do manual screening,all of which is to ensure the quality of each exhaust pipe,even if the exhaust pipe out of the problem,we will return after sale,please rest assured purchase.
  • Do you have any experience in large volume cooperation?
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    We have large-scale pipeline project cooperation in China,and our customers all over the world,shipments can be fully guaranteed,we also often participate in the international large auto parts machinery exhibition,so whether online or offline,whether production or after-sales,we have quite good experience.

Specifications & Packaging

In order to solve the difficulties while welding our flex pipe to exhaust system. We welded on the two ends of the flexible tube with extension steel pipes, make its better welding ability, which is suitable for modified models. The length of the nipple can be customized.


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The exhaust flexible pipe with nipple is easier to install than the general exhaust hose, saving energy and a lot of time, and the installation is more tightly welded, and the effect of shock absorption and sound reduction is better.

Flexibility: The flex pipe in the exhaust hose allows for flexibility and movement, accommodating engine vibrations, thermal expansion, and chassis flex. This flexibility helps to reduce stress and strain on the exhaust system components, minimizing the risk of cracks or leaks.

Noise and Vibration Reduction: The flex pipe acts as a dampening element, absorbing and attenuating the noise and vibrations generated by the engine and exhaust gases. This results in a quieter and more comfortable driving experience for the occupants of the vehicle.

Thermal Expansion Compensation: The exhaust system undergoes significant temperature changes during operation, causing thermal expansion and contraction. The flex pipe allows for the expansion and contraction of the exhaust system, preventing excessive stress on the components and potential damage. It helps to maintain the integrity of the system and prolong its service life.

Alignment and Fitment: The flex pipe enables proper alignment and fitment of the exhaust system components. It allows for slight adjustments and angular movements, ensuring a secure and precise connection between various sections of the exhaust system. This helps to maintain the optimal flow of exhaust gases, maximizing engine performance and efficiency.

Durability and Longevity: By absorbing vibrations and compensating for thermal expansion, the flex pipe helps to reduce the overall stress on the exhaust system, thereby enhancing its durability and longevity. It minimizes the risk of premature failures, such as cracks or fractures, which can lead to exhaust leaks and decreased performance.

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We are a manufacturer of all kinds of exhaust flexible pipes, metal hoses, and corrugated compensators.

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