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Exhaust Flexible Pipe with Interlock Exhaust Flexible Pipe with Interlock


Exhaust Flexible Pipe with Interlock

1.This product is a branch of exhaust flexible pipe products, More durable and corrosion-resistant than ordinary exhaust flexible pipe.
2.The flexible pipe with interlock can not only reduce the flow resistance,the exhaust noise and vibration,but also can be resistant to highertemperature,increase the strength of flexible pipe,make the product life longer.
3.we focus on pipe accessories products, high quality and low price, welcome inquiry.



K1 Ferrule With InterLock Universal Car Exhaust Flex Pipe Stainless Steel Weld Flexible Joint Tube for Muffler



Exhaust Flex Pipe Size Table (Other sizes can be customized)
Part Number Inlet Diameter Inlet Diameter Overall Length Overall Length
inch mm inch mm
YD17504B 1 3/4" 45 4" 102
YD17506B 1 3/4" 45 6" 152
YD17508B 1 3/4" 45 8" 203
YD17510B 1 3/4" 45 10" 254
YD17512B 1 3/4" 45 12" 305
YD20004B 2" 51 4" 102
YD20006B 2" 51 6" 152
YD20008B 2" 51 8" 203
YD20010B 2" 51 10" 254
YD20012B 2" 51 12" 305
YD22504B 2 1/4" 57 4" 102
YD22506B 2 1/4" 57 6" 152
YD22508B 2 1/4" 57 8" 203
YD22510B 2 1/4" 57 10" 254
YD22512B 2 1/4" 57 12" 305
YD25004B 2 1/2" 63.5 4" 102
YD25006B 2 1/2" 63.5 6" 152
YD25008B 2 1/2" 63.5 8" 203
YD25010B 2 1/2" 63.5 10" 254
YD25012B 2 1/2" 63.5 12" 305
YD30004B 3" 76.2 4" 102
YD30004B 3" 76.2 6" 152
YD30004B 3" 76.2 8" 203
YD30004B 3" 76.2 10" 254
YD30004B 3" 76.2 12" 305
YD35006B 3 1/2" 89 6" 152
YD35008B 3 1/2" 89 8" 203
YD35010B 3 1/2" 89 10" 254
YD35012B 3 1/2" 89 12" 305
YD40008B 4" 102 8" 203
YD400010B 4" 102 10" 254
YD400012B 4" 102 12" 305

Exhaust hoses are usually made of special materials used in high temperature and high pressure environments and have good durability. They are able to withstand high temperatures and pressures during engine exhaust and maintain stable performance and functionality.

Exhaust hoses usually have a simple installation process and can be easily connected to the engine and other parts of the exhaust system. This makes it easier and faster to replace and install exhaust hoses.

Our exhaust hoses are professionally designed and manufactured with excellent exhaust emissions, noise reduction, emission control and durability. They are easy to install and suitable for a wide range of engine and exhaust systems. Whether you need to replace an old exhaust hose or retrofit and upgrade it, our products will be the ideal choice for you.


Q: Which car type is this exhaust hose suitable for?

A: Our exhaust hose products are suitable for a wide range of vehicle types, including various makes and models of cars. Before buying, make sure your vehicle matches the specifications and dimensions of your chosen product.

Q: What is the heat resistance of this exhaust hose?

A: Our exhaust hoses are made of high temperature resistant materials that can withstand high temperature exhaust airflow. The specific heat resistance depends on the product model and material, and is usually able to operate safely at high temperatures.

Q: Does this exhaust hose have sound insulation?

A: Yes, our exhaust hose products are usually soundproof. Their sound-absorbing materials and design effectively reduce the noise and vibration generated during engine exhaust, providing a more comfortable driving experience.

Q: Does this exhaust hose meet emission standards?

A: Yes, our exhaust hose products comply with the relevant emission standards. They are designed for use in legitimate exhaust systems and can help control the flow of exhaust gases to meet emission requirements.

Q: Is this exhaust hose easy to install?

A: Our exhaust hose products usually have standard interfaces and sizes for easy installation. However, the complexity of the installation can vary depending on the vehicle model and individual skills. It is recommended to seek the help of a professional technician to ensure proper installation and ensure optimum performance.


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