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Flanged Connector Flexible Metal Hose


Flanged Connector Flexible Metal Hose SS304

It is known that flexible hoses are premium options for minimizing vibration and routing configuration. There are diverse types of flexible hoses on the market including metal, rubber, thermoplastic, PTFE and composite. You should know the specified application before selecting a suitable hose. Or catastrophic failure perhaps happens. Commonly, there are nine main factors which will decide which type is available.

Temperature Range

Any type of flexible hose should be used in appropriate temperature ranges. When working temperatures are extremely high or low, especially cryogenic, metal flexible hose will be a must.

Chemical Compatibility

Stainless steel metal corrugated hoses are compatible with diverse varieties of chemicals, oils and steams.


Stainless steel braided metal hose is gas-tight in contrast with rubber hose and composite hose which can't completely avoid gas permeation. If the gas to be carried is toxic or expensive, consider metal hose.

Catastrophic Failure

Hose failure can't be absolutely get rid of. However, metal flexible hose will materially cut down and minimize the potential of catastrophic failures compared with rubber, PTFE, fabric and other hoses.

Fire Safety

Up to 1200 °F, stainless steel braided metal hose remain its integrity while other materials are totally molten.


Stainless steel braid, single or double, resists any abrasion and also can be used as protective cover for other hoses.

Full vacuum

When your specified applications require full vacuum, choose metal corrugated pipe, because others will collapse.

Fitting Configuration

Flexible metal hose can be attached to any type of fitting without any special requirement of shanks and collars as other hose types need.

Life Expectancy

Whether rubber hose or premium PTFE hose, they all have a limited life. Metal hose, however, can last the life of the machinery and need little maintainance.

Flanged Connector Flexible Metal Hose are great for restraining vibrations, which can protect sensitive instrumentation, limit mechanical fatigue, and prevent loosening of bolt connections. The nominal pressure ratings of flexible metal hose vary according to type, material and size. Pressure is affected by many other factors such as temperature, pulsating conditions and bending stresses, under actual working conditions. 


The flexibility of metal hose is achieved by means of the elastic behavior of the corrugation profile. When the hose is bent, the outer corrugations separate while the inner corrugations are squeezed together. The flexibility, bending behavior and pressure stability of corrugated hoses depend on the selected profile shape. While flexibility increases with an increase in profile height and a decrease in corrugation spacing, pressure resistance decreases. The frequently required semi-flexible bending behavior is achieved by flat profiles. Depending on the use of the hose, special application-specific profile shapes can be custom-made. The fittings are attached by welding, silver brazing, soldering or other by other mechanical means, depending on the type of hose.

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