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304 Circular Heating PN10 Pipe Expansion Joint For Pipelines

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: YUEDING
Certification: ISO 9001
Model Number: NIL
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Steel frame case sealed by plywoods with each end capped
Delivery Time: 5~30 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal
Supply Ability: 35 tons per day

Product Description

Product Description

304 Circular Heating PN10 Pipe Expansion Joint For Pipelines

Customized Circular Heating Pipe High Temperature Resistant Acid And Alkali Expansion Joint For Various Pipelines


General descrition


Corrugated expansion joint is also customarily called a compensator, or expansion joint. It is composed of bellows (an elastic element) and end pipe, bracket, flange, catheter and other accessories. Expansion joint is a flexible structure arranged on a vessel shell or pipeline to compensate for additional stress caused by temperature difference and mechanical vibration. The effective expansion and deformation of the bellows of the working body is used to absorb the size changes caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction of pipelines, conduits and containers, etc., or to compensate the axial, transverse and angular displacements of pipelines, conduits and containers. It can also be used for noise reduction and vibration reduction and heating. In order to prevent deformation or damage of pipelines caused by thermal elongation or thermal stress when heating pipelines, compensators should be set on pipelines to compensate thermal elongation of pipelines, so as to reduce the stress of pipe walls and the acting force on valve parts or support structures.


As a flexible compensation component, expansion joint has the advantages of reliable operation, good performance and compact structure, and has been widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, nuclear energy and other sectors. In containers on the expansion joint, there are a variety of forms, as for the corrugated shape, with u-shaped expansion joint application of * * * for widely, followed by Ω shape, C shape, etc. In terms of structural compensation, the expansion joints used in pipelines are divided into pressure balance type, hinge type and universal joint type.



Metal expansion joint


1,Elbow expansion joint


Bending a pipe into a U shape or other shape is also called inflating bend. It is a kind of expansion joint compensated by the elastic deformation ability of the form. Its advantages are good strength, long life, can be made in the field, the disadvantages are large space, consumption of steel and friction resistance. This expansion joint is widely used in all kinds of steam pipes and long pipes.


2,Expansion joint of bellows


Bellows expansion joint is a kind of expansion joint made of metal bellows. It can stretch along the axis of the pipe and allow a small amount of bending. Is a common expansion joint of axial bellows, which is used for axial length compensation on pipelines. In order to avoid exceeding the allowable compensation amount, a protective tie rod or a protective ring is arranged at both ends of the bellows, and a guide bracket is arranged on the two ends of the pipe connected with it. In addition, there are angular and transverse expansion joints, which can be used to compensate the angular deformation and transverse deformation of the pipeline. The advantage of this type of expansion joint is to save space, save material, easy to standardize and batch production, the disadvantage is short life. Bellows expansion joints are generally used in pipes with low temperature and pressure and short length. With the improvement of bellows production technology, the application scope of this type of expansion joint is expanding. Bellows expansion joints are currently available in piping systems with pressure of 6.0 mpa.


3,sleeve type expansion joint


The casing extension joint is composed of an inner and outer casing which can move in relative axial direction. The inner and outer casing shall be sealed with stuffing box. Keep both ends of the pipe moving along an axis when in use. The main products are sleeve (core tube), shell, sealing materials and other components. It is used to compensate the axial expansion of pipe and axial rotation at any Angle. It is suitable for hot water, steam and grease media with small volume and large amount of compensation. The compensation of thermal expansion can be achieved by sliding the sleeve out of the sleeve.


The inner sleeve of the sleeve compensator is connected with the pipe and adopts the principle and structure of high-performance self-pressing dynamic seal. It can slide freely in the shell as the pipe expands and expands, and can adapt to any pipe sealing requirements. The sealing between the shell and the inner sleeve is made of new synthetic material, which can withstand high temperature, corrosion and aging, and the applicable temperature is -40 to 150, up to 350 in special cases. It can not only guarantee axial sliding, but also guarantee no leakage of the medium in the pipe.


Detail Information

12 Months
Flange Material
Carbon Steel/Ductile Iron
High Light
pipe bellows expansion joint
plumbing expansion joint

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