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Knowledge to know when installing metal hoses

Knowledge to know when installing metal hosesCompared with other types of joints, metal hoses have advantages. For this knowledge, we should understand that there are many ways that people fight against joints at the moment. Maybe people who we disagree prefer different aspects. Yes, but many people

2022 03-14
Detailed Introduction Of Metal Hose

The metal hose is made of stainless steel sheet metal corrugated pipe with one layer or double layers of stainless steel wire or steel chain mesh sleeve, which has good flexibility, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. High pressure resistance (maximum 32MPa), can be connected in al

2022 03-09
Metal hose

How to choose the metal hose?Talking about how to choose the metal hose: 1. Pressure: The actual working pressure of the metal hose, the nominal pressure is PN/working pressure P. 2. Medium: The chemical properties of the conveying medium in the metal hose. Determine the material of each part of the

2022 03-01
What Are The Characteristics Of Metal Hoses

What Are The Characteristics Of Metal HosesThere are many types of metal hoses, and the classification methods are different. Some are classified according to use, some are classified according to raw materials, and some are classified by hidden buckle type. The following characteristics are the bas

2022 03-01

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