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Introduction to flexible bellows for Exhaust pipe flexible bellows

Introduction to flexible bellows for Exhaust pipe flexible bellowsThe components of a car can be divided into several sectors, each with its part to play. Bellows can be used for vibration and noise reduction, ease of installation and to extend the life of exhaust anechoic systems. It can be used in

2022 07-01
How long should a flex pipe last

The exhaust flex pipe connect the engine and exhaust system. It transports exhaust gases and absorbs the vibrations produced by the vehicle when driving. By keeping the exhaust system from shaking too much, the pipe helps other exhaust parts last longer.A cracked or leaky pipe not only makes driving

2022 02-28
Exhaust flexible pipes

Automotive exhaust pipe is an important connector in the automotive field. It is installed in the exhaust pipe between the engine exhaust branch pipe and the muffler, making the connection of the entire exhaust system flexible and reducing noise.It is easy to install and extend the life of the exhau

2022 02-24
Company Introduction

Company Profile Zhejiang Yueding Corrugated Tube co.,Ltd. was established in 1992 with an area of 30000 square meters, it located in Nan tang Industrial Zone, Yueqing City of Zhejiang Province, China. There are more than 300 workers with the ISO9001, ISO14001 and Ts16949. Look forward to the future,

2022 02-23

About Company

We are a manufacturer of all kinds of exhaust flexible pipes, metal hoses, and corrugated compensators.

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