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What Is Expansion Joint ? Thirty Years Old Factory Tell You

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Flexible Bellows, also known as Expansion Joints, are flexible elements that absorb movements in the pipe system. Expansion joint prevent abrupt damage of a pipeline due to vibrations, impact, fluid thudding, etc.  They absorb vibrations and mechanical shocks of the piping system. The expansion joint prevent misalignment, angular deflection, axial travel, and sudden movement of mechanical equipment installed in piping systems.


A typical expansion joint is comprised of one or more metal bellows (most commonly stainless steel) or from materials such as rubber, fabric or plastic such as PTFE. While materials such as rubber, plastic and fabric have their limitations, stainless steel is the most versatile of all materials.

And of course, in our factory, our most popular material is stainless steel and we have different designs.  If you want to get an quotation for expansion joint, we might need to know the requested material, size and length, pressure, connection and etc.  If drawings or photos are available, that would be most appreciated.

If you choose us, we promise to all of our clients, as follows:

1.All the products we provide are designed according to the national standard, professional standard and enterprise standard. All of our products have a reliable performance and strong practicality.

2.We have well-equipped equipment for inspection and experiment. We have a strict requirement for the raw material. The whole process of manufacturing is conducted according to the manufacturing process of producing specialty devices.

3.We welcome customers to come to our company for supervision on manufacture and acceptance inspection. We are here for your convenience.

4.We will communicate with the customers regularly during the installation and testing period in order to grasp the running condition of our products. Our technicians will mentor our customers to install and test the products to their system till achieving customers’ satisfaction.

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