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Brake Pad Problem Collection

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Classification of brake pads: brake pad, brake shoe, brake lining, motor brake pad, C.V brake pad.

Brake pad composition: back plate, friction materials and accessories (shim, circlips, etc.)

Classification of friction material: semi-metallic,low metallic,ceramic.

Brake pad raw material composition: generally divided into four parts: binder, reinforcing fiber, friction performance modifier and filler.

Shim material selection: fabric shim or iron shim.

the thickness of back plate: 5mm or 6mm.

Friction coefficient: generally 0.35-0.4 is the best.

Brake pad service life: general usage is around 30,000-40,000 kilometers. It has something to do with service life and driving habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do front and rear brake pads have the same service life?

A: Different, compared to the front brake pads, the rear brake pads have a longer service life. If the car is driven according to normal driving conditions, the front brake pads need to be replaced around 30,000 to 50,000 kilometers, while the rear brake pads can travel 6 to 10 kilometers more.

Q: What is the function of brake pad back plate?

A: The function of the brake pad steel backing is to fix the friction material and facilitate installation on the braking system. Steel backing is one of the components of brake pads. Currently, disc brakes are widely used in the market, and the high-strength friction materials on almost all disc brake pads are sintered on a steel plate.

Q: Is the bigger the friction coefficient of the brake pad, the better?

A: No. The friction coefficient of the brake pad is designed based on the weight inertia of the car itself. It takes into account several technical indicators such as speed, inertia, braking distance and comfort. The friction coefficient generally marked on the market is between 0.34 and 0.42. It is actually very simple to increase the friction coefficient, just add abrasive additive. The standard for judging the quality of brake pads by automobile manufacturers is not how big it is marked, but whether its friction coefficient remains stable under various extreme road conditions such as water splashing, winding mountain roads, and continuous sudden braking. Many products that appear to be marked with a very high friction coefficient will have a rapid drop in braking force in the above-mentioned emergency situations.

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